Anarchiving Translatinx memories

Somatic Laboratory + fanzine
Co-organize with Papaya Kuir Collective
Dates: tbc June and July 2022

Anarchiving Translatinx memories, consists of somatic movement and body practice sessions led by Lux and Paula, in which Trans*kuir Latinx groups meet to attend the relation to politics and poetics of the body, focusing on regenerative and self-perceptive process, and the vibilization of subaltern voices and memories. We aim to situate embodied knowledge as a place for critical practice that can be experiment, politized, research, dream, realize, construct and deconstruct.

The process will consist of somatic movement sessions, facilitated by Paula Montecinos Oliva, dance artist and somatic practitioner, that will lead into experiences of the self-perceptive as strategies of acknowledging the feeling-thinking process from the Latinx migrant embodiment. We will work body and voice, using somatics techniques to integrate the needs, desires and curiosities of each person and the group, tapping into the question and methodologies of liberation, trust, care and affective resistance. We will integrate brief written exercises and drawing-tracing of the bodily experience, and experiment with notebook practice, to reclaim and empower the knowns and unknowns of the body.

The process Anarchiving Translatinx memories, will operate as a recollection of these experiences, notes, diagrams, visual traces, oral and written stories, through the format of a fanzine session that led by Jack Porter, and a experimental recording session to be rendered in a podcast format with interviews of the participants. 

This project is supported by DAS Research Funds, Platform D&I ATD and Papaya Kuir Collective.