When you approach the archipelago, more and more archipelagos emerge. More-and-more hyphenated bodies associated in mutual constitution of entangled agencies; associated by intra-touch, operating as an interconnected circuit of memory, historicity, materiality, agency and desire. Archipielago is a multiple body, a body in battle, in diffraction and redirection. It’s about queering ecologies and perceptions of body and space through sound.

Carried-out with the aim to subvert anthropocentric and colonial views of the world, Archipielago is a practice that works as a constellation of sonorous events interlacing and agglomerating around listening and movement, according with the image of an ocean of sound after the catastrophe. The sound setup was built using DIY technologies that create a hybrid environment to intertwine a combination of electronic sound, objects and voice, that seeks to create a sonic choreography to reimagine a world to come.

The aim of Archipelago is to engage the audience with different modalities of listening, expanding the capacities of sensing, perceiving and imagining new becomings, and to trigger questions about re-existence, resistance and togetherness. With remote audio contributions by/with artist/friends/kin from Chile, Dominican Republic and Mexico, in a mix of off-site and in-situ sound performance.


Choreography and sound installation: Paula Montecinos Oliva.
Performance and creation: Tiana Hemlock-Yensen, Karina Villafan, Paula Montecinos Oliva.
Remote audio collaborations: Constanza Piña, Johan Mijail
Costumes: Raoni Saleh.
Artistic advisor: Fernando Belfiore.