Handmade electronics

This is part of the electronic instruments (analog synths) that i use for playing and creating soundscapes. I love sound experimentation and many of the circuits that I have learn are open source squematics, or I have learn in workshops and spaces lead by techno-feminist collectives and DIY-DIT approaches.


The Following instruments are manufactured by me and speacial thanks to @corazonderobota for sharing the secrets of electronic and introduce me to this facinating dimension of crafting sonic materialities.




8 step sequencer made with the 4017 integrated and a clock with the ic 555.




The White Noise Generated is a sound device built with transistors that are capable of producing a sound signal that contains all the audible frequencies and all of them with the same power. On our planet, the most common type of white noise is of an atmospheric nature, caused by electrical discharges, such as lightning and electrical storms, which have components in a wide band of the spectral, generated in a random way. Likewise, the water in movement, the rain, the wind, a river, the sea produce this type of noise that forms a kind of wall of sonic energy, without patterns.
Come build your own white noise generator and learn electronics.




… in the 1930s, Russian inventor Leon Theremin set up a laboratory in New York where he developed the fabulous Theremin. ❤

The thereminelove is a version of Daniel Llermaly’s monotheremin from the sound office which in turn is a version of the famous Theremingo of our dearest master Mateo Carvajal from The World Academy of Appliances, which is based on the Minimum Theremin from Harrison Instruments, which was published in “Art’s Theremin Page” in 1999.