Inside Bodies

Performative sonic installation

Is a performative sound installation, that explores the notion of posthuman feminism to trigger sensorial becomings of watery bodies. Through the encounter of sound vibrations and movement as ungraspable materialities, our aim is to exercise posibilities to unsettle our perceptions and ontologies, of body and gender.

The sound is trigger by water boxes that work as speakers, generating a dynamic feedback environment in which small gestures, movements and material pressure, activate an expanded and unexpected respose in the space. 

The theoretical background of this project is based on the book Bodies of Water, from the feminist scholar and writer Astrida Niemands, combined with a movement research based  on craniosacral practice.



Creation and Performance |  Paula Montecinos Oliva
Design | Sarah Hermannutz
Costume |  Nayeli Vega
Acknowledgements | Lake Studios Berlin, LacunaLab, Danilo Sepúlveda.

– Presented as part of the performance series Atonal Gender Project at Spektrum, Berlin. November 30th, 2016.
– Unfinished Friday Lake Studios Berlin. 17 December 2016.


Inside Bodies @ Spektrum Berlin. Atonal Gender Project

Valparaíso, Chile