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In the drop


In the DROP is the set-up and crafting of a performative soundspace for re-existence. It is the reassembly of an an-archic body to reimagine a world to come. A soundspace that merges precarity and excess, abundance and fragility in a constellation of sonorous events overlapping and agglomerating around listening. An emergent system that involves forces of aliveness and violence, coupled at once, as one.

 Working with the performativity of live sound, movement and voice, this research is carried out with the aim of subverting anthropocentric and colonial worldviews and modes of relation between bodies and materials, in favor of the coexistence, difference and affective proximity.

 After the catastrophe, we listen; variegated, we explode. We aim for a bond in complicity and commitment. A perceptual engagement, from the quiet sounds to the noise that stretches listening. We listen through the vertebrae, through the soles of the feet and the back of the mind, for an auditory imagination unbound from capitalism.

 ** This sonic choreography was created in alignment with the social distancing measures of the global pandemic. While being presented for a small group of people in a multichannel sonic space, the sound is rendered and live broadcast through a digital radio to be listened to by a distant audience. In this way we are able to reach wider and unexpected audiences and explore the limits and convergences of virtual and actual presence, with listening as a mode of touch and connection through distance.


Duration: 1’20”

Year: 2020


Cast & Crew

Sound and choreography
Paula Montecinos Oliva

Performance and collaboration
Karina Villafan
Tiana Hemlock-Yensen

Pedro Matías
Paula Montecinos Oliva

Artistic advisor
Fernando Belfiore

Artistic assistant
Flavia Pinheiro

Web and image
Andy Dockett

Broadcast mixing
Nahuel Cano

Research mentors
Hypathia Vourloumis
Katarina Batasaki
Constanza Piña Pardo

Thanks to: Thais Di Marco, Andy Dockett, Veza Fernandez, Gabriel Milliet, Rodrigo Batista, Corazón de Robota, Annich Kleizen, Johan Mijail, Alice Chauchat, Konstantina Georgelou, cumpanis at DAS Choreography, Geert Odens, Udo Ackermann.