Performative installation

N/pantla is an ongoing research collaboration between sound artist Paula Montecinos, visual artist Pedro Matias and performance artist Devika Chotoe, towards creating a porous living environment from which the body echoes the broader socio-political and natural context.

N/pantla works as a dynamic sonic environment that reorganizes in each iteration, merging live electronics, sonic sculptures, movement and vocal performance in co-existing imaginaries of subversion, remembrance and premonition. N/pantla is a liminal state [G. Anzaldúa] – a place of contradictions, connections and transformations, where a corporeal debordering of fractured mixes and remixes, half-spoken words, half-screamed vocals, frequencies, whispers, thoughts, laughter and cries, invite us to decentralize listening, through one another’s skin.

Is an invitation to echoing multiple voices and embodiments; an attempt to address how intimately tied, gendered and racialized capitalism are to our communal sense of preservation and self-perceptive processes. A sonic space that seeks to guide the audience into edgy embodiments, where queer bodies, fugitive voices and animated objects move emotionally, physically, politically and spiritually.



Concept and realization: Paula Montecinos Oliva, Pedro Matias, Devika Chotoe.
Performance: Devika Chotoe, Pedro Matías, Paula Montecinos.
Live Sound and DiY electronics: Paula Montecinos Oliva.
Sonic sculptures: Pedro Matías.
Costumes: Dragadina.
Mentoring:  Margarita Osipian.
Research contributions: Joahn Mijail, Angelo Custodio.

​​Acknowledgments: This project is kindly supported by Laurel Space Project, Amarte Fonds, Het Huis Utrecht and Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst 2022. Previous performances took place at Sonic Acts Night Air – Shock Waves and Frascati Theater, and will be part of the makers festival, The Artists Are Present, organized by ICK Artist Space, in June 2022.



Iteration #1 

@ Laurel Project Space

28 & 29 August 2021

A first attunement of a longer term collaboration towards creating a porous living environment, from which the body echoes the broader socio-political and natural context. This iteration was developed with the vocal and textual contribution of Angelo Custodio and reading except by Johan Mijail and their novel Chapeo.



Iteration #2

Sonic Acts @ Night Air: Shock Waves

OT301 – Amsterdam – 5 November 2021

N/pantla took part in the program Night Air: Shock Waves at OT301 in Amsterdam. An evening of talks, performances and films, that considers the materiality of sound as a powerful means of resistance and control. A series of events organized by Sonic Acts, that aims to make pollution visible by bringing forth the various side-effects of modernity: from colonial exploitation of people and resources to perpetual inequalities brought about by the destruction of the environment and common land – in other words, destructive capitalist practices that shape both our environment and human-nonhuman relations.



Iteration #3

Dolce Revoel – Frascati

17, 18 & 19 March 2022

In the context of SNDO4 graduation project of Devika Chotoe.

This is an invitation to walk through the hole in the fence to the other side
to articulate movements
of being in/between
Under the ground it doen/st matter which side of the border you’re in

Listen through each other’s skin
Be/ Come/ Akin
The sound of flesh in full molecular vibrancy
Can you see with/ beyond/ within?