Possible hybrid sculptoric

Is a performative installation that invites the audience to listen, to observe and to engage with the movement of hybrid corporalities. It is an intimate experience in a shared space, offered simultaneously for one and for many.  A dynamic choreographic space, where organics and electronics meet undefined corporalities to create an environment that is constantly changing and altered by the interactions between the audience and the performers.

Through the experimentation with DIY technologicals devices light, sound and movement, choreographic movements are triggered in the space, creating a performative body along with the viewer, in a symbiosis between biological and technological artifacts, enabling a sensorial journey to a crossbreed body.

Direction and concept | Paula Montecinos

Performers | Vannia Villagrán, Kevin Leiva, Josefina Greene, Roberto Toro, Vanessa Pérez.

Sound Environment | José Rojas, Andrea Torres

Visual and technological support | Lourdes Salgado, Constanza Piña.



Festival Transdisciplina Off-Fidet 2012

Festival Corpus Alterno, Universidad Mayor 2011.


Res-Machina Possible Hybrid Sculptorics @ Corpus Alterno Festival 2012.

Santiago, Chile.