Movement and listening devices.

It is an urban sonic intervention for site-specific, which invites performative action through a sensitive encounter with the environment, listening and movement. In this, it is of interest to activate a change in the habits of perception, opening up a possibility of transformation and reflection on our ways of participating in the world.

A group of people begins a drift through the city. Through mobile sound devices, small gestures and actions, they awaken a new interest in movement. It is a performance that occurs at the moment of listening and that invites us to subvert our frontal and linear orientation, allowing ourselves to be moved by the sound. Perception becomes more acute, peripheral vision increases and the crucial action of shifting weight between one step and another, envelops the group in a joint state of being and advancing, which synchronizes and desynchronizes, stops and resumes its rhythm.

Duration: 50 minutes


Concept, direction and sound devices: Paula Montecinos
Documentation, graphic design and technical support: Andy Dockett
Collaborators: Carolina Marin, Felipe Allende.
Acknowledgments: Spain Cultural Center, Santiago Metropolitan Park, Valparaíso Cultural Park and Danzalborde Festival.

Resonancias was developed in the context of a larger curatorial project in 2015 in Cerro San Cristobal, In Santiago de Chile. The project was supported by the National Arts Council, Metropolitan Park and Spain Cultural Center. It was develop together with Maria Jose Trucco and Elina Rodriguez (CRA) Fernando Godoy and Esteban Agosin (tsonami), Katalina Mella and Gerardo Figueroa, Raul Díaz, Andy Dockett, Vannia Villagrán and Mauricio Claro.

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Resonancias @ Danzalborde International Festival 2017

Valparaíso, Chile