Revolvə is a multichannel sonic performance that combines analog and digital sound technologies, assembling, sampling and repurposing sonic archives of the social uprising in Chile since 18th October, 2019.

Through a process of  overdubbing live and preproduce layers of sound, Revolvə bring to the foreground the subversive potency of sound and movement, inviting the audience to be immersed and led by sound and movement as primordial forces of transformation and reorganization. 

Activated by the questions: how to bend His/tory?: spiral perspectives of political spacetime, the performance posits collective voices, sounds and movement as principal tools to activate sense of listening to political claims, and the cycles inside of cycles and rhythms inside of rhythms of colonial violence and emancipatory movements.

The piece’s composition follows the Andean concept of Pashakuti in its compositional elements, Pasha = time-space; kuti = turn, turn, revolution, the piece intent to relocate time and bodies, into divergent and complementary meanings, of catastrophe or that of renewal. 

The invitation to the audience is to be moved by sound, engaging with the affects of listening and noisy sonic narratives.

The piece has been commissioned to be part of the opening of The Whole Life Congress. Archives and Imaginaries, at Haus der Kultur der Welt, Berlin and curated by Megan Hoetger and If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution, Amsterdam.


Concept and realization: Paula Montecinos Oliva
Acknowledgments: Archive contribution of collectives Radio Tsonami, Barricada Sonora, Sono.ras, Radio Pasajes, Museo Sonoro de la Revuelta.