Signar - Paula Montecinos


Is part of the project Open Corner conveyed by TorresRojas Creative Body, which brings together a group of dancers and choreographers in a collaborative research to question authorship, through the notions of Remix and Mashup. In this context, Signar is presented as an ongoing process, which remakes their materials in each performance, inquiring concepts as citationality, transformation and self-portrait.

Regarding what falls and what is inscripted, the body responds and opens new questions, reflecting about images and the referents that surround us in the creative process as well as about ‘being’ and ‘been named’. Surfaces and textures reveal signals in the leak of the body with its own name, ownership, and identity.

Direction and concept | Paula Montecinos
Performers of different versions | Andrea Torres, Francisca Espinoza, Daniella Soto, Josefina Greene, Paulina Vielma
Sound and music| José Rojas
Light design| Marcelo Arancibia
Video | Andy Dockett
Fotografía | Mauricio Claro
First version| Esquina Abierta, Centro Cultural España 2011
Second version| Transforma Circuito Escénico
Acknowledgments | TorresRojas Cuerpo Creativo, Centro Cultural España, Transforma Circuito Escénico.


Signar @ Video Trailer. 

Saantiago, Chile