– Multichannel sonic performance, repurposing found sounds and sonic archives of the social uprising in Chile, since October 2018.
Presented in the opening of The Whole Life. Archives and Imaginaries, HKW, Berlin.

Concept and realization: Paula Montecinos Oliva
Acknowledgments: Archive contribution of collectives such as Barricada Sonora, Sono.ras, Radio Pasajes, Museo Sonoro de la Revuelta.


N/pantla soundtrack at Sonic Matter Festival

Selected composition for 2021 Sonic Matter_Listening Lounge and Sonic Matter_radio

Listening Through the Noise

 – a live practice of somatic listening. 

Live broadcast of a practice for the listening of rhythmic dimensions of noise, voices and senses; or how to create applicative energetic for affective proximity through distance; or how can we be – moved by -, – move through -, and – listen in – sound.

Invited to present this practice-led-research in the context of the online symposium Music Pours Over the Sense


Archipelago fragmented notes of a practice. Reading and sound edition
In Chilean Dance Book (p. 424-430)

Water is Siwlkw

 Poetry reading of Jeanette Armstrong.