UNBOUND Residency at WpZimmer

During two weeks in Decemver 2022, I have the opportunity to continue the research trajectory of Unbound as AiR in WpZimmer, Antwerp. I invited choreograpger Flavia Pinheiro and Curator, researcher Megan Hoegter to be my conversation partner and collaboraotrs in this proces, paying attention in th eperformative gestures, physicalty and textual-word(l)ing apporach that I want to develop with this practice. 

UNBOUND is a sonic-spatial live performance that works as a concert or a journey, revolving around motifs of displacement, vital reconnection and life-sustaining musicality. The research questions focus on the possibilities of bridging the gaps in his/torical memory, and on the way in which time, spaces and border areas break and reconfigure, when tracing migratory journeys.

My research is focus on the intertwining of preproduce and live sounds, across two simultaneous spaces – in the aurality of a radio broadcast and in the in-situ space. Through these layers, I propose to the audience to sense the vibrations mixing differently through their bodies, while experiencing delays and mismatches between listening and seeing.

In this practice, I’m proposing expanded modalities of listening and responses to sound, by creating noisescapes that refuse transparency. My attempt is to make present the persistence of the struggle and the memory that transforms his/tory into a place of ‘now-time’.